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Providing Quality Custom Wooden Wine Storage Racks

Medium Wine Glass Holder Rack Cabinet

Medium recessed wine glass holder rack cabinet

Medium Wine Rack Cabinet

Medium recessed wine rack cabinet

Large Wine Rack Cabinet

Large recessed wine rack cabinet

Large Wine Rack with Wine Glass Holder Cabinet

Large recessed wine rack with wine glass holder cabinet

Choosing your Wood Wine Rack Cabinets

The need for a wine rack in your home or business brings many choices to the table. Several factors will need to be considered before you make your choice.

  1. How much wine do you normally have on-hand
  2. How much room do you have to place an exquisite wine rack
  3. What is your primary need for having a wine rack or cabinet

If space is a consideration, you may want a recessed wine rack for your wine. Hanging wine rack cabinets are also available. Both of these can be constructed in fine oak wood cabinet racks. Neither will take up precious floor space in the room you are using. The variety of sizes and the finishes will help you to acquire the exact piece of furniture that you are desiring.

Recessed oak wood wine rack cabinets can be installed without screws, glue or nails. They are constructed to fit between the studs in your walls. That space that is empty and dysfunctional can accommodate the size and stain that fits your décor. Hanging wine rack cabinets also come in a variety of sizes and will satisfy those who do not wish to break into the wall. Every home has room for your recessed oak wood wine rack cabinets. It is sitting there, unused and readily available.

As you select your wine cabinet, consider a second one for your wine glasses. It would be a striking combination to have wine on one side of a fireplace or window and the elegant glasses on the other.

The next choice would be the door. You can have an open cabinet or one with several types of glass inserts. If you prefer to keep the wine in a solid wood door, these are also available. All of these choices come in different styles and stains. If you room is Victorian, modern, contemporary or eclectic, you can have oak wood wine rack cabinets installed.

By choosing to have your oak wood wine rack cabinets custom made, you will have your choice or size, style and a variety of stains. Your oak can be natural, honey, colonial, cherry or exquisite oak mahogany.  You can transfer the warmth or business atmosphere to your wine cabinet. It can be either recessed or hanging. The choice is yours. It is an opportunity to express your taste down to the last detail of the room.

There is a wide selection available at, or you can call them at 800-995-8878. Their experienced staff will be happy to help you with your choice and direct you to a local dealer. If there is not a dealer in your area, they will custom build your choice of oak wood wine rack cabinets.

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